I started my passion for knives at the age of 6 when an uncle gave me a small advertising knife. It seemed the most beautiful in the world, also because giving me a blade meant that the adults had confidence in me.
Over time I became a collector and every day I was looking for something new but after many years I discovered that what I missed was the search for forms and balance that satisfied me, for this reason I started working on shapes and materials with the help of an excellent teacher.

My knife start from a simply design that evolves day after day to improve proportions, aestetics and functionality, only then I build few prototypes that I try for several weeks and it’s only after this that I return to the drawing for necessary changes. I personally hand ground each blade starting by stock removal without a patterns, this is the reason why there are little difference one with the other.

Choice of materials is made to preserve functionality, first of all is a knife and for this reason my blade are sharp without compromise.

Every products is paired by a numbered certificate of authenticity which is also engraved inside the knife.

Please note that particular abuse or modifications may void your warranty.